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T101 - "Product Development and Innovation are Advancing [Presentation Slides] "

The 2014 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly,
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
June 4, 2014 -- [46 Pages]

Description: This presentation was made at the Boothroyd-Dewhurst 29th Annual International Forum on Design For Manufacture and Assembly [BDI] held June 4, 2014 in Providence Rhode Island.  As formal technical conference, a byline authored technical paper is also required in addition to a presentation.

Abstract: It has now been ten years since Business Week and Boston Consulting Group first ranked the most innovative global companies in 2004.  After two decades of augmenting ways of doing business to include the practices of six sigma, lean, agile and flexible, corporations are now augmenting for innovation.  There are clear changes in corporate focus on pre-product development activities.  There is now a lasting increased emphasis on good old-fashioned organic internal innovation that appears to be settling in to become business-as-usual; even as industry product portfolios have become more conservative.  In addition, a significant number of companies are adding focused infrastructure to acquire or otherwise transact innovation and/or IP through open external relationships.  These activities have been going on for decades.  The difference is the number of companies now doing them and the rate of growth.  Supporting organization infrastructure is being built.  Nascent service industries are emerging to meet growing industry demand, putting buyers and sellers together.  Both infrastructure and nascent industries are strong indicators of strategies and practices that are likely here to stay.

This presentation highlights the findings of recently published research.  The findings result from the responses of a statistically valid sample of two-hundred cross-industry companies in North America; and are representative of overall industry practices.  Thirty questions were posed.

The reader is encouraged to focus on large differences between responses that exceed the plus/minus of statistical ranges; and to focus on the absolute values shown by these data versus what experienced practitioners would consider or know to be traditional historical practices.  

The focus of the research is on the R&D-Product Development Operating Environment, Organic Innovation, Open Innovation, and Intellectual Property; and CXO Corporate Metrics for these business activities.  The research is aimed at culling-out the trends that might be fads and fade out, versus those activities that are destined to become general industry practices.  For some subjects, there are five and ten year comparisons.  For all, the research indicates a state of practice.

Section Titles:
Research Approach 4
Innovation Strategy 11
Roadmap, Portfolio, Pipeline Control 23
State-Of-The-Industry Metrics Practices 36
Summary 45-46

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Note 1: The numbering of "Figures" and "Exhibits" in this paper is not sequential.  The numbering scheme corresponds to the nomenclature used in the research questionnaire and the resultant summary of research findings.  The original research questionnaire and research description may be found by going to "Research" and then the "2014" section on GGI's web site

Note 2:  There is an associated byline authored MS Word Technical Paper to accompany this MS Powerpoint Technical Paper, T100.  The two together are offered at a discount in the Bundled Publications section of The Wisdom iStore.

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