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T76 - "Maximizing Organic Innovation In Corporations: Tools & Metrics"

OMTEC 2009, Orthoworld - Knowledge Enterprises & The Institute For OrthopaedicsT, Rosemont, Illinois, USA
June 24-25, 2009 -- [69 Pages]

Description: Over the past 25 years a great deal of effort has been expended to determine the best practice design of innovation and product development processes. A best practices framework now exists. This extended presentation will examine today’s associated best practices in tools and metrics that enable organic innovation in corporations. The activities and the points in time that provide the best opportunities to deploy these “enablers” will be illustrated. This presentation will also highlight the emerging importance of intellectual property. Current industry practices in product development processes will be contrasted to current industry practices in intellectual asset management processes. Opportunities to better align the product-related and IP-related decision processes and decision makers will be identified. Finally, the current and emerging metrics that best drive innovation and then capture the results will be discussed.

Section Titles:

Evolution Of Innovation Processes
Best Practice Process Constructs
Best Practice Process Results
Strategic Organic Innovation Drivers
Tactical Organic Innovation Drivers
Emerging Innovation Toolset
Innovation & IP Gleaning Points
Product Selection vs. IP Selection
Measuring Performance
Measuring Innovation

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