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T72 - "Linked Metrics Portfolio® Method ... 5 Teams Measuring 2 Strategies" [2008 Presentation Slides]

GGI Metrics Summit Workshop Results, Goldense Group, Inc., Norwood, Massachusetts, USA
June 19, 2008 -- [54 Pages]

Description:At GGI's January 2008 Metrics Summit held in Norwood, MA, attendees assembled into seven teams to apply the Linked Metrics Portfolio Method to create a set of integrated linked metrics spanning top-to-bottom needs for their chosen R&D strategy.

This document includes the seven portfolios created by attendees to measure their entire R&D organization including VP-Level R&D measurement, projects, functions, improvement efforts, and corporation-level metrics.

Created by Goldense Group, Inc., the Linked Metrics Portfolio is a natural fit for environments that have many projects, such as marketing, research and development, and operations. It allows project, functional, and improvement teams to identify key metrics and roll them up to the vice presidential level. The T71 document consists of power point slides generated for and from this summit.


Linked Metrics Portfolio Logic
Linked Metrics Portfolio Method

Team #1: Innovator/Extendeder - Mixed Team - Software
Team #2: Balanced - Mixed Team - Software
Team #3: Balanced - Mixed Team - Resources
Team #4: Balanced - Mixed Team - Systems
Team #5: Balanced - Company - Pharma

Brainstorming Results

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