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T66 - "Linked Metrics Portfolio® Method ... 9 Teams Measuring 5 Strategies" [2007 Presentation Slides]

GGI Metrics Summit Workshop Results, Goldense Group, Inc., Norwood, Massachusetts, USA
March 22, 2007 -- [71 pages]

At GGI's March 2007 Metrics Summit held at the Sheraton Four Points in Norwood, Massachusetts, nine teams of people across the different companies attending the PDMP Seminar self-assembled either as a "company team" or "based on the strategic nature of their company or division R&D and Product Development strategy" to apply the Linked Metrics Portfolio™ Method to create a set of integrated linked metrics spanning top to bottom needs for their chose R&D strategy. This document contains nine different metrics portfolios drafted for the purpose of measuring the entire R&D organization, including: overall, projects, functions, improvement efforts, and corporation-level metrics.Linked Metrics Portfolio® Logic
Linked Metrics Portfolio® Method

Team #1: Innovator - Mixed Team - Software Only
Team #2: Innovator/Extender - Company Team – Electronics
Team #3: Innovator/Extender - Company Team - Health Mgt
Team #4: Balanced - Mixed Team – Parma
Team #5: Balanced - Company Team - Fluid Equip
Team #6: Balanced/Extender - Company Team - Mech Equip
Team #7: Balanced/Extender - Mixed Team - HW/SW CoDesign
Team #8: Balanced/Extender - Company Team – Pharma
Team #9: Extender - Mixed Team - Software Only

Brainstorming Results

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