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T59 - "Linked Metrics Portfolio® Method ... 5 Teams Measuring 3 Strategies" [2005 Presentation Slides]

10th Annual Metrics Conference: Product Development Metrics: Achieving The Full Value of R&D, Goldense Group, Inc. and Management Roundtable, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, USA
November 7, 2005 -- [45 pages]

Description: At GGI’s November 2005 PDMP Seminar and Workshop conducted at Management Roundtable’s 10th Annual Metrics Conference held at the Downtown Marriott in Chicago, Illinois, five teams of people across the different companies attending the PDMP Seminar self-assembled either as a “company team” or as “mixed industries” “based on the strategic nature of their company or division R&D and Product Development strategy” to apply the Linked Metrics Portfolio™ Method to create a set of integrated linked metrics spanning top to bottom needs for their chosen R&D strategy.

The Table of Contents of this document is depicted below:


Linked Metrics Portfolio™ Logic
Linked Metrics Portfolio™ Method

Team #1: Innovator
Team #2: Innovator/Extender
Team #3: Innovator/Extender
Team #4: Balanced - High Tech
Team #5: Balanced - Low Tech

Brainstorming Results

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