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T58 - "Integrating Emerging Technology in Product Planning: Nine Points Of Leverage" [2005 Presentation Slides]

1st Annual Executive Summit On Innovations In New Product Development, Technology, & Marketing, Frost & Sullivan, Miami, Florida, USA
November 10, 2005 -- [50 pages]

Description: Twenty years ago, when critical paths and market windows were more forgiving, integrating new technology into product offerings was easier and the penalties for missteps were less. Today, one must be highly precise about the processes, analyses, tools, and techniques used to achieve new product introductions. This is especially true when new technology is involved. As the pace of technology invention accelerates, it pulls the management science along with it. In most companies, over a dozen opportunities still exist to improve the oversight, analysis, and decision making around emerging technology? Nine areas of opportunity will be offered. Examples include:

• Reducing emerging tech to commercial viability off the critical path with improved processes.
• Fast-tracking concepts from idea people to decision makers.
• Aligning intellectual property and product development processes.
• Positioning for alliance partner and ODM involvement at the earliest stages.
• Providing for new tech through platform and product architectures.
• Beefing-up early-stage technical analysis techniques.

The Table of Contents of this document is depicted below:


Know The Stakes
Adapt Hurdle Criteria
Key On Introduction Points
Speed Ideas To Decisions
Mature The IP Process
Manage A Technology Portfolio
Foster Inventive Thinking
Insource & Outsource
Introduce Measures
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