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T78 - "Innovation Process Metrics For Advanced Development"

13th Annual Metrics Conference: Product Development and R&D Metrics - Achieving Higher Returns on Innovation Investments, Management Roundtable, Orlando, Florida, USA
October 20, 2009 -- [83 Pages]

Description: For the past five years, innovation has been front and center in the thinking of R&D executives and CEOs. Some definitive tangible changes are now evident. More early-stage R&D is being performed and there is more formalization of early-stage R&D processes. This strategic shift is dramatic when contrasted to the prior two decades. The importance of “new to the world” and “new to the industry” products is increasing, as is innovation in general. Tactical and operational changes are also taking place. Intellectual property [IP] importance is increasing. IP activities are moving earlier and becoming more integrated with both Advanced and Product Development Processes. Measures of innovativeness and invention their associated business results are lagging these strategic and tactical changes, which is to be expected. However, some metrics are emergent and other known metrics are rising in their usage by corporations.Topics Include:

  • Quantitative changes in the allocation of development resources towards more innovative activities.
  • New formal documented early-stage innovation processes, and industry’s current adoption rates.
  • A strawman framework for the general design of advanced processes across industries.
  • The top metrics industry current uses to measure innovation, and what is different from a decade ago.
  • Changing emphasis on known innovation and IP metrics
  • Emergent innovation metrics

Section Titles:

Innovation Landscape
IP Will Pay
Practicing Innovation
Screening Metrics For Advanced Development Projects
Advanced Development Processes
Satisfaction With Innovation Metrics Today
Popular Innovation Metrics Today
Number Of Innovation Metrics Today
Advanced Development Metrics

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