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T69 - "Innovation Practices & Measures For Organic R&D Productivity"

12th Annual Metrics Conference: Product Development Metrics - Increasing Return On Innovation & Achieving Organic Growth, Goldense Group Inc., Chicago, IL
November 7, 2007 -- [67 pages]

Description: As innovation moves from a "Black Art" to a Management Science, measures that address R&D productivity and innovation are evolving to keep pace. For example, measures of profit are gaining popularity, as are those of portfolios and intellectual property. And while open innovation is the current rage, improved organic innovation is the real desire of most companies. This paper offers a number of techniques to achieve improved organic innovation and productivity including: seven benchmarked actions that increase innovation and productivity; current tools that induce the most innovation; emerging technologies that increase innovation; those productivity and innovation metrics whose industry penetration is on the rise; and aggregate performance information that supports the case for investment in innovation-enablers.


Determine Strategic Parameters

Drive Innovation From The Top

Innovate Within Capacity

Emphasize Creative Design Tools

Deploy Innovation Tools

Elevate Innovation Measures

Utilize A Set Of Metrics

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