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T79 - "Innovation & IP Processes: A Concurrent Future"

7th ipCG Thought Leadership Conference, ipCapital Group, Inc., Stowe, Vermont, USA
November 6, 2009 -- [36 Pages]


This presentation highlights the extreme revenues and profits that can be made from highly innovative and “new to” products, while noting the also high correlation to the presence of protected intellectual property in these products. Primary research results show that industry is reallocating funds to earlier-stage R&D activities that have more risk, but also produce higher returns. Primary research results also show that industry is now aggressively developing new processes to better monitor and control the reallocation of funding to these earlier stage activities. As a result, the number of metrics and measures is growing in R&D. Existing and emerging metrics appropriate for these earlier stage activities are highlighted.

Section Titles:

Innovation & IP Premium
Innovation & IP Strategy
Innovation & IP Processes
Innovation & IP Metrics

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