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T74 - "Grow Revenue, Profits, & Assets: Drive Innovation & Glean IP"

6th ipCG Thought Leadership Conference, ipCapital Group, Inc., Stowe, Vermont, USA
November 7, 2008 -- [58 Pages]


This presentation was developed for a private conference produced by ip Capital Group, Inc. for intellectual property officers and thought leaders. The goal of this presentation is to discuss innovation and intellectual property emanating from R&D from the perspective of corporate officers who influence the strategy and tactics of R&D as a whole. As such, the presentation covers both strategic and tactical aspects of product development processes, intellectual property processes, and key measures of innovation suitable for measuring corporation-level overall results. The presentation concludes with a projection of what can be expected by industry in the area of innovation in the next 5-7 years.

Section Titles:

Evolution Of Innovation Processes
Best Practice Process Constructs
Best Practice Process Results
Strategic Organic Innovation Drivers
Tactical Organic Innovation Drivers
Innovation & IP Gleaning Points
Product Selection vs. IP Selection
Measuring Performance
Measuring Innovation

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