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T63 - "Evolving Technical Management & Managers: Processes Are the Key" [2006 Presentation Slides]

IRI 2006 Annual Meeting Conference Proceedings, Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, USA
May 23, 2006 -- [44 pages]

Since the 1980s, Product Development organizations have moved from valuing innovation exclusively to appreciating execution speed and to actively listening to customer feedback. During the 1990s, innovation became even more sophisticated with the development of digital product and process simulation. Most recently, leading companies have become keenly interested in processes such as portfolio and intellectual property management.

This technical paper explores the next wave of research productivity. The coming revolution will involved new thinking in the conception, definition and development of products. The paper predicts that while future research processes will look like product development processes, they will function differently. The next 20 years will challenge technical managers as enhanced processes, new activities, and visible business involvement will redefine historical parameters of success--and the skills of the managers responsible for them.

The Table of Contents of this document is depicted below:


Our CFO is from Mars
History Will Drive the Future
R&D Pipeline Processes
R&D Portfolio Processes
R&D Metrics

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