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T73 - "Driving Innovation & Gleaning IP: To Maximize Market Cap"

2009 User Group Annual Forum, Invention Machine Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 28, 2008 -- [58 Pages]


This presentation was developed for the Annual Meeting of the User Group for Invention Machine Corporation. Invention Machine produces some of the world’s most innovation-enabling and IP-enabling tools and software. The User Group participants range from top management to subject matter experts to lead users. As such, the presentation covers both strategic and tactical aspects of product development processes, intellectual property processes, and key measures of innovation suitable for measuring corporation-level overall results. The presentation concludes with a projection of what can be expected by industry in the area of innovation in the next 5-7 years.

Section Titles

Evolution Of Innovation Processes
Best Practice Process Constructs
Best Practice Process Results
Strategic Organic Innovation Drivers
Tactical Organic Innovation Drivers
Innovation & IP Gleaning Points
Product Selection vs. IP Selection
Measuring Performance
Measuring Innovation

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