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T67 - "Directing Corporate Innovation: The Next Five Years" [2007 Presentation Slides]

OMTEC 2007, Knowledge Enterprises & The Institute For OrthopaedicsT, Rosemont, Illinois, USA
June 20-21, 2007 -- [69 pages]

Description: The paper focuses on seven innovation areas where current performance benchmarks exist and/or where performance benchmarks are beginning to emerge. The paper begins by highlighting some emerging definitions of innovation as this management science begins to become better defined and structured. Frameworks for portfolio management for different innovation strategies are summarized. A framework for pipeline management “yield loss” from concept to customer is described, along with current industry-wide averages of yield loss. A global benchmarking study that resulted in identifying seven strategic levers to drive corporate culture of innovation is summarized. Open innovation is addressed through a condensation of key piece of literature on the subject. A primary market research study ranks the usage, innovation, and inventiveness of common tools used in product development today resulting in the identification of six tools that likely fuel innovation during a typical product development process. A secondary market research study discusses 61 tools that are available to specifically drive innovation, most of which are not commonly used today. The paper concludes with primary market research identifying the most frequently used R&D and product development metrics in industry today and identifies the metrics that primarily measure innovation in industry today.

The Table of Contents of this document is depicted below:


BASELINE: Emerging Definition
STRATEGY: Portfolio
STRATEGY: Pipeline
TACTICS: Open Innovation 
TACTICS: Organic Innovation – Today 
TACTICS: Organic Innovation – Future 
METRICS: Performance

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