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T84 - "Concurrent Practices: The First Thirty Years"

Concurrency Newsletter, Society of Concurrent Product Development, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
April 15, 2011 -- [9 Pages]

Description:This paper was was written for an expert audience that reads "Concurrency" which is a quarterly publication which is a quarterly publication of the Society of Concurrent Product Development Inc. [SCPD] that is focused on Concurrent Engineering and Concurrent Product Development practices. The paper starts with the evolution of concurrent techniques over the first two decades of concurrent practices -- five distinctive generations of evolution resulting in a "portfolio-driven end-to-end concept-to-customer product development pipeline structured by phases and followed by post-launch reviews." The paper then looks forward a decade or more, based on the extrapolation of emerging practices early in the 21st century, and projects two distinct phases of additional concurrency transformations: Advanced Development and IP-Enabled. The innovation rage in the early 2000s, in and of itself is it not a generation, but it is spawing generations.

  • Introduction
  • How We Got Here
  • The First Two Decades In RD and Product Development: 1988-2008
  • The Third Decade In R&D-Product Development: 2008-2018
  • Summary

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