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T86 - "Concurrent Engineering 1988-2018: The First Thirty Years" [Written Paper - An Essay]

The 2011 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Boothroyd-Dewhurst, Inc, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
June 15, 2011 -- [9 Pages]

Description: [PART 1: Written 9-Page Paper] This paper was originally written for an expert audience that reads a non-profit organization's quarterly publication focused on Concurrent Engineering and Concurrent Product Development practices. It was subsequently adapted for an expert audience attending the 26th Annual Conference on Design For Manufacture and Assembly in Warwick, Rhode Island that Boothroyd-Dewhurst Inc. produces each year. Design For Manufacture and Assembly was the central focus of the first major generation of Concurrent Practices. DFM and DFA success in the product design process lead to an investigation of how all functions should work together during the creation of a new product. A revolution of making inventive processes and organizations more concurrent began. The paper starts with the evolution of concurrent techniques over the first two decades of concurrent practices -- five distinctive generations of evolution resulting in a "portfolio-driven end-to-end concept-to-customer product development pipeline structured by phases and followed by post-launch reviews." The paper then looks forward a decade or more, based on the extrapolation of emerging practices early in the 21st century, and projects two distinct phases of additional concurrency transformations: Advanced Development and IP-Enabled. The innovation rage in the early 2000s, in and of itself is it not a generation, but it is spawing generations.

Section Titles
  • Introduction
  • How We Got Here:
  • The First Two Decades In RD and Product Development: 1988-2008
  • The Third Decade In R&D-Product Development: 2008-2018
  • Summary

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