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T90 - "Advancing R&D Competitiveness With Metrics - An Essay" [Written Paper]

The 2012 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Boothroyd-Dewhurst, Inc, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
June 12, 2012 -- [14 Pages]

Description: Best measurement practices for companies hailing from mature economies are changing more rapidly than at any time in history. There is a need to be more innovative, and additionally to position the resultant intellectual property both defensively and offensively. Global knowledge is now doubling every two years, while at the same time Baby Boomers are retiring at an accelerating rate. Retaining existing knowledge, and keeping pace with new knowledge, are both challenges as never before. Organizations are flattening out. Managers now direct knowledge workers whose individual and collective competencies create competitive advantage. CEOs are being asked new questions by Wall Street and by large corporate customers. Confidence is built by having credible responses to questions affecting corporate valuations.

The globalization of R&D, the quest to increase corporate innovation, the acceptance of open innovation approaches, and the emergence of liquid IP are already relandscaping R&D and corporate playing fields. The subjects of strategy, innovation, invention, and intellectual property are all becoming more complex.

Companies with best practice business innovation models are being shown to outperform traditional product and process innovators. Does your company have a robust business innovation model?

If your company is in a "smart industry," and your competitors are utilizing the improved decision making information that is available, then your company must study as hard and work to make better decisions than your competitor. If your company is in a "dumb industry," often characterized by having had little change in product or service over a number of years, then a great opportunity for competitive advantage is at hand.

Companies that have the best business models, and constantly drink from the emerging fountain of information that is refining and characterizing the Innovation Body of Knowledge, are likely to outperform their competitors on the playing field of the 21st century.

Initial measurement approaches, and specific metrics, to address these new and real challenges are now at hand.

Section Titles:

  • The Playing Field
  • The Right Strategy
  • The Right Places
  • The Right IP
  • The Right Organization
  • The Right Tactics
  • The Right Metrics
  • Summary

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