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A117 - Top 12 Trends in the Science of Managing R&D and Product Development: Part 1

Machine Design, Penton Publishing, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
January 2016


Top 12 Trends in the Science of Managing R&D and Product Development-Part 1

There are lots of trends and new ideas when it comes to the science of managing R&D. Some got started when a technological advance changed the best way to manage or make decisions. Others arose from new thinking in management science in the light of macro changes taking place in business and political structures, practices, and economics.

Twelve trends are addressed in this two part series in Machine Design magazine. As you read through the trends, keep "Big Data" in mind. It is a "macro trend" that will affect every industry and segment of the globe. It underlies more than half of the trends discussed, and, to a lesser extent, it will affect all 12. As an exercise, give some thought as to whether each trend is technology-driven or thinking-driven. In some cases, it is both.

The 12 trends relating to the science of managing R&D are in the following twelve business and/or functional areas.

Trend 1.    Rapid Prototyping (aka 3D printing)
Trend 2.    Strategy
Trend 3.    Product Definition
Trend 4.    Organic Innovation and Growth
Trend 5.    Search and Synthesis
Trend 6.    Core and Functional Competencies
Trend 7.    Engineering and Development Automation
Trend 8.    Micro-Nano Effects
Trend 9.    Physical vs. Virtual Work
Trend 10.  Measurement and Correlation
Trend 11.  Open Innovation
Trend 12.  Intellectual Property

Top 12 Trends in the Science of Managing R&D and Product Development: Part 1 [Machine Design - January 2016] discusses the first six of the trends. The February 2016 issue of Machine Design will discuss the remaining six trends.

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