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A98 - The Top 10 and Top 100 Corporate R&D and Product Development Metrics

2PLM e-zine, Volume 16, Number 19,
September 22, 2014

Description: In this sixth and capstone article of a six part series, selected findings on industry usage of "CXO-Level Corporate R&D Metrics" from GGI's recently published primary research will be discussed.

In each research effort of the past fifteen years, our researchers have presented a list of the "metrics that CXOs are most likely to use to oversee R&D output, productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency."  Respondents are asked simply to put a check mark next to any metric that is generally part of management team and corporate reviews."  The "Most Frequently Used Corporate R&D Metrics" results from tabulating the responses.  The list of metrics is far from static over the past fifteen years.

There has been an explosion in the daily use of numbers, codes, acronyms; and, there is more to come.  R&D and Product Development metrics are no different.  In the mid 1990s, there were 30-50 CXO-level R&D metrics that essentially covered all companies.   In 2013, a pared-down list of 101 metrics was presented to respondents.  Research findings are summarized in the following article sections:

• Metrics Are More Abundant
• Innovation Metrics Have Increased
• Management Science Failures & Successes
• Monitoring vs. Performance Metrics
• The Top 10 R&D Metrics
• The Top 100 R&D Metrics
• Summary
• A Note About The Research

2PLM is a bi-monthly publication by John Stark Associates [JSA], based in Switzerland. JSA is focused on the body of knowledge of "Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M)." CL2M is the logical extension of closed-loop Product Lifecycle Management and enables the desired information gathering, processing and exchange throughout the whole life of an entity from beginning, through middle to end of life.  JSA and GGI have collaborated on various projects spanning three decades, including this publication of highlights from our findings of GGI's 2014 Product Development Metrics Survey.

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