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A92 - The Great Recession Changed R&D Operating Environments

2PLM e-zine, Volume 16, Number 15,
July 17, 2014

Description: In this second of a six part series, selected findings on R&D Operating Environments from GGI's recently published primary research will be discussed.

Four R&D Operating Environment areas were researched: R&D-Product Development Strategy, Importance of Innovation, Centralization vs. Decentralization, and Facility Deployment. The first two of these areas were researched thoroughly in our 2008 study, enabling a pre/post great recession analysis. For the latter two areas, we sought equivalent five-year comparisons from respondents.

The research was conducted by sending questionnaires to a wide range of companies developing products throughout North America. Participating companies had headquarters throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, but their response was for North American R&D-Product Development operations. Complete data sets were received from 200 companies. Consumer, industrial, medical, chemical, and automotive/vehicular products were the top respondent industries. Participants completed 31 questions detailing their demographic information and practices in the following five research areas: R&D Operating Environment, Organic Innovation, Open Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the Top Corporate Metrics used to measure R&D and Product Development. The research period was September 2012 to October 2013. The results were published March 3, 2014 in a 138-page report. This research is statistically valid and provides a Margin Of Error for each research question.

2PLM is a bi-monthly publication by John Stark Associates [JSA], based in Switzerland. JSA is focused on the body of knowledge of "Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M)." CL2M is the logical extension of closed-loop Product Lifecycle Management and enables the desired information gathering, processing and exchange throughout the whole life of an entity from beginning, through middle to end of life. JSA and GGI have collaborated on various projects spanning three decades, including this publication of highlights from our findings of GGI's 2014 Product Development Metrics Survey.

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