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A96 - Design Reviews Reduce Time to Market

Machine Design, Penton Publishing, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
September 4, 2014

Design reviews rank near the top of product-development techniques for keeping projects on schedule and within budget, but only if they are performed properly and early in the process.

Some companies consider their examination of prototypes to be a design review. It’s not; it’s a quality control review of an "as-built" product. If the prototype does not meet specs, the design team issues a change order to rectify the issue findings. And change orders take two days to two months to complete. So these late reviews do not reduce time-to-market, they extend it.

Design Reviews Reduce Time To Market[Machine Design - September 4, 2014]discusses best practice approaches for design reviews, and offers a historical perspective as to why many companies actually do quality control reviews and not true design reviews.

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