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Bradford Goldense Podcasts

Key Trends In Product Development: Strategy, Prototyping, EDA, Organization.

Strategic horizons are shortening, many companies go hand to mouth these days. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing are upending long-practiced product development processes. Engineering Design Automation [EDA] is getting smarter all the time, and is increasingly integrated with prototyping and manufacturing process protocols.

Is Open Innovation Just Another Word for Outsourcing?

Open Innovation techniques are getting a lot of attention because they promise to drastically speed up the process of bringing new products to market. But is OI just a buzzword of the times?

The State of R&D - Product Development Metrics: An Interview & Discussion With Brad Goldense

In this 40 minute interview with Alex Cooper, President of Management Roundtable, Brad Goldense discusses the progress that organizations are making on measuring innovation, the growing importance and value of intellectual property, emerging predictive metrics and on the need to link development metrics to overall corporate strategy.

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